Respect Rather Than Abuse

Why does it always demands attention? It’s heard of all over in media and talk-shows. It’s projected through skits and dramas all over. We hear it, we see it, and then we ignore it. That’s the bitter truth.

Yes, what I am talking here is about the Respect of Women in Indian Society!

It’s a well heard of and well-discussed topic of course, but what lacks is our thought process that should go behind it. This thought process is a pre-requisite to process the things our mind is already aware about.

Abiding by statistical figures, more than 500 women in India fall under the prey of various heinous crimes every single day. Actual figures may be much higher. Honour killings, rapes and other social evils against women are on the rise with Delhi being declared as the rape capital of the nation, as if it were a competition.

And the perpetrators of such vicious acts of crime graze about in open fields? Shame!

respect women 

Another aspect of the same issue is our deep and underlying characteristic to blame others for any wrongdoing. Be it the Government, be it the society or be it someone else, we always have somebody to put the blame on. But when it’s our turn to take on the lead, we always shy away.

Quoting one of Shri Modi’s idioms ‘Pro-people, Good Governance’ is where rests the key. Government frames the rules and Government plays the police but it’s ultimately We, the people of the nation, whose pro-active response is required to address and tackle each and every menace which concerns us and our society.

Social evil can only be erased when it is addressed by the people collectively and We are not a feeble 1 billion!

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  • Divya

    Well written Rajat! The last line “we are not a feeble 1 billion” sums it all..

    • Rajat Agarwal

      Thanks divya…yes, we actually aren’t..we a nation of 120cr+ people..our joint address to any menace can wipe that out within months…

  • Shantanu Ghosh

    Every women surely has the right to be treated with dignity..A stop to all such crimes including domestic violence etc. should be put on an end.