Commercialization of faith

Faith…? Belief…? Does these terms really hold any significance in our present day world or has they been reduced to mere words without any essence and fragrance attached to it. Why does the concepts of limits and boundaries do not apply here with (more…)

Respect Rather Than Abuse

Why does it always demands attention? It’s heard of all over in media and talk-shows. It’s projected through skits and dramas all over. We hear it, we see it, and then we ignore it. That’s the bitter truth.

Yes, what I am talking here is (more…)

Why we still love India..!

Hardly a week passes and gosh…we hear of another scam..! It’s like we have succumbed to the present day societal environment. Yes, with an active involvement of media, there is awareness amongst the people of the country like never before!  Also there is guilt, and there is (more…)

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